Looking without seeing, isn't looking at all…


In these uncertain times, what is it that we hope for ?  Financial stability, job security our own good health & mental wellbeing perhaps ?  When we hope, do we really consider what we are hoping for ?  Do we think of others, not just immediate family, but all people – everywhere ?  What are the things that give us hope ?  Family, friends, faith ?

We all sit down to watch the annual ‘funTV athon’, feel that we have done our bit, however modest, to help those in need.  Then we get back to the task of feeling just as unhappy with our own little lot. We live in a society that is relatively affluent, that is to say that most of us do not go without food or somewhere to live and yet, this is often not enough. Why is this ?

Whilst queueing to fill in your next Lottery ticket, the ‘roll over’ already spent in your head, just think for a minute, what it is that you are really hoping for …..

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