Looking without seeing, isn't looking at all…


Have you ever sat at a bus stop in the rain ?  The light fading, the intoxicating mix of fast food and carbon monoxide creating just enough of a heady mix in your mind, the slowly setting sun a catalyst to your creating – no – reliving the moments leading up to that sad, dripping but elegant leatherette glove being discarded.  Who was she ? Is she cold ? Will she miss it ?  How many times have you stepped around a broken wine bottle, it’s contents congealing like the life blood of the shattered relationship it may represent ?   These objects lay in plain view, sometimes hanging in the most unlikely of places.  If you’re lucky, you may stumble across a perfect collage, shimmering and flapping in the wind where it has gathered of it’s own accord against a chicken wire fence. It gets colder, the wind whips around your ears and so you reach in your pocket … but wait, where’s that other glove ?

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One response

  1. Hey! Some great pictures here.

    October 5, 2010 at 9:16 pm

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