Looking without seeing, isn't looking at all…

Sharp Waters Soft Visions

We are all used to seeing the landmarks and well-known areas of our Towns and Cities, we are also well aware of how these places can appear in snapshot form, inside corporate brochures or in Tourist Information.  What if we are asked to think about these places when away from them ?  If you could draw a picture inside your mind – on the back of your eyelids – what would you scribble.  Would this image cut through, pin sharp and precise or would it slowly emerge, a fuzzy and unprocessed negative ?

We may pass the same streets everyday, either on our way to and from work or just whilst going about our daily routines.  We will time precisely, the paths we take, knowing that if the bus is running on time, that the view of the River will be perfectly framed as we pass the top of a particular street.  We may even sit in the same seat, so as to allow for this synchronous enjoyment each day.

 When recreating these images in our minds eye, do we find that often, we begin to mix up familiar features from other scenes ?  Do we find ourselves trawling the data banks of the aforementioned “Touristy” pictures that we have on file ?  Is this just another form of visual apathy ?  Is there still scope for filling these aesthetic gaps with images that make us feel, as well as merely recognise a particular place ?

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