Looking without seeing, isn't looking at all…

Identity – continued …

Simply by including the flag in the background of this image, we can flavour the way in which our eyes taste the image ? Does this image leave a good or bad taste in your mind ? Who do you see ?

Please CLICK HERE to visit our partner Blog at Hope Street Peeps for more Identity based Street Portraiture …

Continuing with our exploration of the themes of Identity and Personality, we have been creating some simple self portraits.  Discussing the many ways in which our likeness is used in order that we simply be able to navigate our daily lives, we looked into how the word ‘identity’ has taken on an often negative meaning.   Images taken of ourselves can be used to mark our progress through the world and life in general holidays, birthdays, academic events, parties, religious occasions etc.  However prevalent via Social Networking Sites or hidden away in Mum’s old albums and shoeboxes under beds the world over, how do these images convey any personal, intellectual or spiritual growth ?  How well do they illustrate the multifaceted, changeable beings that lay behind those glossy stares, blurred shapes and false smiles ?

Why so serious ?

The Group are exploring the many different ways in which we can by choice, or have our identity changed for us.  We have begun by looking at the fact that some of us will always rebel against this and all following apparent attempts at control and how some of us are either happy to go along with the flow – or oblivious in any case ?

Exploring the various stages that our collective and individual Identities can go through, the Group had fun remembering the early stages of being introduced to the idea of conforming, conforming to ‘NORMAL’ patterns of behaviour – to the idea of ‘fitting in’.  When we move up to the ‘big school’, are we gaining independence, or merely being prepared for the start line of the Rat Race ?

The Group alsoexplored the concept of including  the remote shuter release in the images that they took of themselves.  This serves to illustrate the fact that they havetaken ownership and control over the image.  After all, it is this type of image that adorns most kinds of ID such as Passports etc.  These images often contain no another aspect of our individuality, other than for our facial features – do these convey anything of our personality, beliefs or aspirations ? Click here for image gallery >>>


Below are some of the finished Identity pieces, created by the Photography Groups on both sides of the River …

I am a true Liverpool fan and since the return of King Kenny, I have been delighted that he has come back to the City and the Club. A Liverpool Legend ! The Carling Cup, our first Cup in so many years _ I hope we can do the double by winning the FA CuP ? We haven’t really done that well since winning 5 trophies during the 2001 season and then the Champions League in Istanbul in 2005.

This image represents all of the things that were never said. My Mum has passed away and my Sister and I do not speak any more. All of the objects in the photo, belong to my Mum and are very precious to me ! The writing is in Latin and was my Mum’s favourite song – The wind beneath my wings ….

Looking back at 10 years old, young, fresh & innocent. Looking back at 18 yeras old, young, mature and teeaged – I felt ok. Looking back now at 50, I hate looking in the mirror, hate the look of lines and wrinkles.

This image represents one generation of my family, my children. I hope to recreate one of the next generation, with my grand children.

We all hide behind different masks, sometimes when it suits ! But, what is really behind this face – you tell me ? You may think looking at this, that I’m a Squaddie, BNP member or just a man facing his future. Life and death, its all just a fine line. The truth is, I’m really a nice guy !

Many places yet to go, yet to know ! They seek me here, they seek me there, they serve to seek me everywhere !

Self portrait with Siebe Gorman Divers Helmet. My Dad was a saturation diver for Comet diving. Before that, he was an AB Seaman. I have worked on the Docks and Ship yards in Liverpool, Ireland and in Rotterdam. I now work offshore as a Rigger. I’m getting married in August in San Diego – which has a large Naval Port. When I was working on the Docks and in the Ship Yards, As the ships would leave, I always wondered what it might ne like where they were going ? I would alwyays ask the Crews, I always wanted to go. It seems there’s no getting away from the Sea !

I can leave my ID, but can never leve me ! The items in my bag, at any given time, are known as my ID. These items are such as my driving license which depicts a Blonde of some 10 years ago ! This however, is still legally accepted as proof of who I am ? My bus pass shows a Brunette,overweight ! But, allows me to travel on the local buses. Other items include my Angel, given to me by my Mother, to be with e everywhere I go. My make up is also a part of me as I feel drab without any. However, NONE of this is ME ! Who am I ? i’m a Daughter, a Mother, an Aunt, a Sister, a Neighbour, a Friend – I am Karen ! As I say, my ID is held in a bag and I can always walk away from that, but I can never walk away from ME !


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