Looking without seeing, isn't looking at all…

Happy New Year !

Hello to all !

Back and looking forward to a creative 2013, the group have been catching up with work begun before the new year.  Working separately on themed and individual pieces, they have been exploring the basics of image restoration, as well as, imagining themselves in possession of super powers ?

These subjects will be expanded upon throughout the year and we will also be exhibiting new works upon completion of exhibition timetables etc.


Image Restoration Techniques

Maureen Restoration 1

Maureen Restoration 1


Super Powers


Asked to imagine the ownership of supernatural or special abilities, the group have begun exploring how we might illustrate these powers in either a realistic or ‘Comic Book’ style.

We will revisit this theme soon, so please keep visiting to see our progress …

moleman and sprite

moleman and sprite



split screen & celsius

split screen & celsius


Everything Leads To This


Group member Michael has resurrected his passion for music & set about putting together a compilation of songs on C.D.  Helped by the Photo Group, he has produced this disc using images captured by the group exploring Commercial Photography as well as Design & Packaging techniques.  Michael allowed the group to use personal family images and was keen that the disc image included a photo of his GrandFather taken when a young man in New York.  Like the tracks, this helped get over the timeless feel that Michael was looking for. A young man, possibly starting a new journey on an as yet untraveled path.  The future looking bright and the road behind a distant memory …


singer (2) Blog UploadUntitled-1


Everythign Leads To This

Everything Leads To This



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