Looking without seeing, isn't looking at all…

Assessment Work

Moving toward a more structured program of learning, the group have been making use of skills developed to date, in order to approach their first 8 week evaluated course.  Working on session content that will span 3 levels of difficulty, the group have recently completed Level One of their Digital Photography training. The aim is to introduce group members to the process of applying technical ability, to dedicated assignments and within a set time frame.

The possibility of attaining accreditation in lieu of a nationally recognised qualification, is something that the group would welcome, especially given the variety of talent and skill that has been expressed to date.  Most have attended sessions for quite a time and the revelation of existing subject knowledge, that has come alongside set assignment work, has given the group cause for a much greater and renewed enthusiasm.

Visit the groups page over on the Photo School site & take a look at some of the work that the group has produced during the sessions for Level One – Topics have included, the correct use of  Flash, Aperture & Shutter, Depth of Field & white balance settings.

Levels two & Three, will introduce group members to the more focused methodology required in order to become artists with the ability to pre-plan and pre-visualise their work.  If the hassle of camera mode, exposure setting/compensation, has been addressed, then they will soon realise the creative freedom to concentrate upon creative composition, for example.


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